Unity Gathering


As a Diversity Commissioner, I have worked with a group of concern citizens in Ogden to create a safe space for those in Ogden who want an outlet to express themselves in the wake of the events that have occurred in Charlottesville.  

Please join me on August 26 at 6:30 on the steps of the Municipal Building in Ogden as we join hands and hearts in Unity.

Thank you.

-Taylor Knuth

Unity Gathering Hand Out Spanish.jpg
Unity Gathering Hand Out.jpg

One Final Note on Chickens

A few things;

I'm pro-chicken. It's that simple.

It's curious to me that the Standard-Examiner publishes an article on how chickens could control the upcoming election and suddenly my opponent goes from anti-chicken to a cozy position on a fence. 

There was a scheduled agenda item for the chickens not long ago but was conveniently pushed back to AFTER the Primary Election when Weber State University's Community Research Extension published their findings which showed an overwhelming amount of support for chicken ownership from Ogden Residents. 

The actions speak louder than words. It's disingenuous and insulting to continue to avoid community conversations and "sit on the fence" to protect your own political interests. 

The Ogden City Council should hold a vote BEFORE the general election for two reasons; 

One, to show where they truly stand. 

And two, and most importantly in my view, so that we can move on from this conversation of chickens and start talking about the issues that remain unchanged and unaddressed. 

•Diversity and Representation. 
•Inequitable Water Rates. 
•Property tax increase and the lack of communication among the taxing entities which lead to an over burden on individuals and families on fixed incomes. 
•Barriers to success for our children and families. 

Get off the fence. Hold a vote. Let's move on.

I want YOU to participate in the conversation on Chickens! 

Join the Ogden City Council on August 29 at 6:00 p.m. and provide your two cents! 

If you live in Municipal Ward 3 and want to see a fresh, bold, and progressive vision for Ogden City on the Council, Vote Taylor Knuth.

If you do not live in Municipal Ward 3 but still wish to support the efforts of this campaign consider making a small $25 contribution to help elect Taylor Knuth to Ogden City Council.

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Thank you,

Taylor Knuth

Building a Better Community, One Backpack at a Time!

I love my job! 

As the Community Services Coordinator for United Way of Northern Utah, I spend my days promoting volunteerism, advocacy, and charitable giving within our community. 

Each year we organize a "Backpack Boonanza" to benefit students in need of the tools necessary to learn as they grow. 

This year we were able to distribute more than 2,000 backpacks filled with school supplies to students in Northern Utah.

Each day I get to do what I love; making our community a better place to live, work, and play.

If you live in Municipal Ward 3 and want to see a fresh, bold, and progressive vision for Ogden City on the Council, Vote Taylor Knuth.

If you do not live in Municipal Ward 3 but still wish to support the efforts of this campaign consider making a small $25 contribution to help elect Taylor Knuth to Ogden City Council.

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Thank you,

Taylor Knuth



Hold our Representatives Accountable!

I share my anger, frustration, and concern with many other Ogdenite's over the recent disaster that ensued surrounding the Ogden Nature Center, Weber County Fairgrounds, and Golden Spike Events Center and the proposed designation change.

The statements from the various elected officials involved can be found here, here and here for your reference.

Let's talk about Accountability:

My opponent and current Council Member of 12 years, Doug Stephens, said the following in response to the public outcry; "This information about the Nature Center wasn't viewed by the City Council. This was the idea by the Mayor and the administration."  

Why is this acceptable and what can be done, or better yet- what should have already been done?

An ordinance that limits the City's Administration and their powers in regards to policy influence. 

Councilman Stephens has had 12 years on Council to draft and pass an ordinance limiting the powers of the Administration to prevent fiascos like this. Trust me when I say, this is not the first time that the City's Administration has overstepped their bounds. Shaking this situation off as a mistake or miscommunication is not acceptable. Not only should the Administration be held accountable, but so should City Councilmembers that have had their chance to create policy and failed. 

With New Leadership comes New Possibilities and one of my first priorities if elected will be to draft and pass an ordinance that applies greater restrictions on the City's Administration.

I will always remember that I represent the people of Ogden, their values, and their beliefs. I will fight to protect our Community Assets, like the Ogden Nature Center. I will hold myself accountable to the highest degree. I will do my best each day to affect positive change within Ogden City. 

Community Service is, and will continue to be my passion, my priority, and my purpose. 

If you live in Municipal Ward 3 and want to see a fresh, bold, and progressive vision for Ogden City on the Council, Vote "Taylor Knuth" on your ballot.

If you do not live in Municipal Ward 3 but still wish to support the efforts of this campaign consider making a small $25 contribution to help elect Taylor Knuth to Ogden City Council.

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Thank you,

Taylor Knuth

New Leadership. New Possibilities.

Some might say that my biggest weaknesses as a candidate for Ogden City Council are my age and the idea that I lack the experience necessary to be a Council Member. 

I believe that those perceived weaknesses can offer freshbold, and progressive opportunities to a seat on the City Council that has, in my view, become stagnant, conventional, and regressive. 

From water infrastructure failure and deterioration to
secondary and culinary water metering equity issues.

From unsafe, un-walkable, and failing sidewalks to
poorly lit crosswalks and neighborhoods.

From diverse communities that feel under-represented, under-served, and unsafe to
the lack of accessibility in our city for those with disabilities.

From the absence of a progressive community master plan and proactive zoning efforts to
the lack of quality affordable housing available to low-income families and individuals. 

The issues we face as a city did not suddenly occur yesterday, last year, or even within the last decade. Many have worsened over time leading to even greater issues, such as sudden and harsh property tax increases due to lack of planning or critical leaking and irreparable water infrastructure because of failure of regular repairs and maintenance. 

Those running against this campaign are established and careered politicians. One having served in the House of Representatives for nearly a decade, and the other in this very seat for 12 years and running again for another 4. These are the very same individuals who had the power to change these issues and who voted, or failed to act, in order to reach a resolution. If those in this race haven't fully resolved these issues in their decade-long careers as politicians, what change can they bring in the next 4?

The issues we face are challenging, complex, and can't be resolved overnight. These issues require creative solutions and a fresh set of eyes that aim to represent the diverse population of Ogden. 

We must discuss the issues, agree on corrective action, and execute change quickly. I, along with many other Ogdenites I've spoken with, feel that the issues aren't discussed in a public forum--and that when they are discussed, public comment is limited to three minutes without welcoming follow-up or further discussion. What issues can we solve as a community in three minutes at a podium?

The City Council Members represents the people of Ogden City.

I have said it before and I will say it again-- with Representation comes Visibility and with Visibility comes Change

New Leadership. New Possibilities. 

Allow me to represent you and bring about the Change our City needs. 

On or before July 25th, all registered voters will receive a primary ballot in the mail. If you are not registered or need your information updated, please click here. If you are, count on that ballot being in your mailbox and use your vote as your voice in the primary election. All ballots must be dropped off at the ballot box or postmarked by August 14th. If you prefer to vote in person, all polling locations are listed here and voting will occur on August 15th.

If you live in Municipal Ward 3 and want to see a fresh, bold, and progressive vision for Ogden City on the Council, Vote "Taylor Knuth" on your ballot.

If you do not live in Municipal Ward 3 but still wish to support the efforts of this campaign consider making a small $25 contribution to help elect Taylor Knuth to Ogden City Council.

Click here to donate!

Thank you,

Taylor Knuth

Photo Credit Matthew Geffert

Photo Credit Matthew Geffert

The Redevelopment of Ogden City Housing


As a trustee for the Homeless Trust Fund, a board member on the Local Homelessness Coordination Council, and a member of the Ogden Civic Action Network, I work each day with local government and nonprofit agencies to seek, secure, and improve housing situations for those in our community. 

Currently, Ogden City Community and Economic Development is seeking to develop "neighborhoods of choice; places where people want to live, work and play." 

The most recent project, the Oak Den Community, is the first community of many planned projects. I am one of 23 homeowners in this community and we are currently experiencing the problems that are a first-time homeowner's worst nightmare. Cracking and setting concrete, warped siding, yard drainage issues, furnace and air conditioning unit failures, and low-quality finish work (to name a few) are unacceptable issues that our communities should not have to deal with.

We must ensure that the future projects and the Community and Economic Development team are held to the highest standards of construction, ensuring that those already living in areas of redevelopment are not pushed out of the communities that they call home, rather opening doors to a higher quality of life.

I view Ogden City's lack of quality, affordable housing as one of the greatest threats to the citizens of our city, at all income levels, seeking to improve their circumstances. 

The City has yet to announce any high-density, quality, and low-income housing projects. Low-income families are then forced to live in blighted areas where their quality of life is diminished because they do not have the means to afford the new apartment options coming on the market at an unaccessible price, leading to other issues like the lack of access to nutritious foods, distance from high-quality parks and recreation, and community services are inaccessible. 

We must promote financial stability; encouraging those currently renting low-quality single-family homes and apartments to find an accessible path to higher quality housing options through budgeting courses, improvement of income, and the pursuit of higher education. 

Quality, affordable housing is essential for the growth, stability, and success of Ogden City. 

And remember, #YouBelongInOgden



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Food with Forethought! Chickens, Community Gardens, and more!

"A food desert exists when particularly nutritious food is difficult to obtain due to availability, affordability, distance, or limited places to shop in a given area, either urban or rural."

In Municipal Ward 3, and throughout much of Ogden, we lack access to healthy, fresh, and nutritious food. This food desert is exactly why I believe that, as a community, we must look for opportunities to produce our own food, live with less waste, and encourage communities of cooperation and collaboration. 

How can we do this? 

Simply put; I am fully in support of a responsible chicken ordinance in Ogden City. I believe Chickens play a vital role in providing food security to families and individuals in our community and even teaching children valuable life skills along the way! Ogden is one of the few remaining cities in our area to not have adopted an ordinance allowing chickens in the city. 

Community Gardens!
We do it by collectively looking forward and creating communities with shared visions and values. Projects like the Oasis Community Garden are a shining example of a thriving co-op of community members producing fresh, organic, and accessible produce. I have even thought about doing some Park Strip Planter Boxes to produce my own garden!

Climate Action Plan! Carbon Neutral by 2050!
In 2009, Ogden's own Weber State University adopted a plan to have a Carbon Neutral footprint by 2050. This goal involved upgrading lighting fixtures, installing solar panels, and increasing recycling efforts. 

Currently, Ogden City has no formal climate action or environmental sustainability plan.  I look to encourage the development and implementation of a sustainability plan that works in the best interest of City and benefits our outdoor recreation. If Ogden is to build 70-100 more single-family homes, why not let them have Tesla Solar Roofs? This system is cheaper than a traditional roof! If Ogden is going to renovate Lester Park on 24th street, why not use low-water plants and zero-scaping whenever possible? If Ogden is going to building apartments and a shopping center downtown, why not have a Community Garden on the roof? 

The future belongs to the people that dare to dream of a better tomorrow for all and I believe that we all play a role in the success of our City. 

What will you do today that makes our community a little cleaner, a little brighter, and a better place to live, work, and play?


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Consider making a small $25 contribution to help elect Taylor Knuth to Ogden City Council, Municipal Ward 3!

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Representation: What it Means to Me.

Being a young, gay, and mixed-race individual wasn't always the easiest or most comfortable experience growing up in Utah; specifically Davis County. I was often bullied, excluded, and made to feel inferior to my classmates, coworkers, and fellow citizens. 

Then I moved to Ogden in the fall of 2011 to attend Weber State University, where I met and fell in love with my husband, Sean. Suddenly I was surrounded by diverse people of all shapes, sizes, colors, orientations- you name it, and they not only accepted but they celebrated me. 

You see, the diversity in our city is why we chose to invest and purchase our first home in the heart of East Central Ogden. It is also a key factor in my decision to run for City Council, Municipal Ward 3. 

To me, Representation among our elected officials is so much more than speaking or acting on behalf of their constituents. Yes, that is a large part of it, but I also feel as if Representation in leadership has another part to it that is often left out or forgotten. Representation in our leadership must reflect the diverse and unique characteristics of the individuals they speak or act for.

For example, 48.1% of individuals in Ogden identify as female. Is that proportionately represented in our leadership? Another example, 33.1% of individuals in Ogden identify as Hispanic or Latino which is Ogden's largest minority group. Is that proportionately represented in our leadership?

Something beautiful happens when both our elected officials and our popular culture embraces true representation; from Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman to electing our first African American President- TWICE! Does it make the problems disappear overnight? No. Black Lives Matter began during President Obama's administration, and women are still underpaid (but they are saving the world!). That being said, it's a start, and it's a start worth celebrating.

With Representation comes visibility and with visibility comes change.

What are we doing about it? 
Ogden City has made great strides in the last few years to create a more inclusive city for everyone. From the recent resolution on immigration to the creation of the Ogden Diversity Commission, of which I am a Commissioner for, efforts are being made and noticed by many. 

The next step?
Elect leadership that reflects and REPRESENTS the beauty of all the diversity this city has to offer. Want to vote for some incredible women? Check out any of the SIX amazing women on the ballot for Ogden City Council. Want to vote for an LGBT candidate? The Ogden City Council race have two candidates to my knowledge- one of which includes me! 

I hope you read this post understanding that I am not, in any way, making a statement against the current leadership. Rather, I am looking to the future with a statement I believe;

New Leadership. New Possibilities.

And trust me when I say "You Belong In Ogden." 

Because you do. We all do. 


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Consider making a small $25 contribution to help elect Taylor Knuth to Ogden City Council, Municipal Ward 3!

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The Ogden Diversity Commission, Photo Credit Monica Hall

The Ogden Diversity Commission, Photo Credit Monica Hall

Ogden's Creative District #WeCreateOgden

“Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere.”
–Albert Einstein

Hello, Friends!

I spent the last weekend attending The Ogden Arts Festival, "Powered by" Nurture the Creative Mind, a local Ogden arts nonprofit. This festival featured local artists of all kind showcasing their work; from painters to potters and DJs to drummers! 

Ogden City Arts, local nonprofit arts agencies, and individuals with a passion for the arts are currently involved in an extensive process of building a Creative District for Ogden, which you can read about by clicking here.  This Creative District represents the impact that happens when people and organizations come together to create. In our future, I envision more defined districts and neighborhoods throughout our city where you can feel and see a difference from one district or neighborhood to the next. 

Being an artist myself, supporting the arts has always been a priority. This is why I have given my time, my talent and my money in support of local artists in Ogden. I believe in this Creative District, but more importantly, I believe in Ogden and initiatives like this one that looks to the citizens of Ogden to engage, inspire, and create.

#WeCreateOgden is the hashtag used to ignite this creative thinking. I will support Creative projects and programming throughout the city, providing Ogden citizens with opportunities to experience their favorite musical or ballet at the Peery's Egyptian Theatre, see the latest innovative and thought-provoking piece of art at The Platforms, or participate in a hands-on jewelry class at the Local Artisan Collective

Instrumentalists, performers, creatives and more - #YouBelongInOgden

NEXT Ensemble performs at Alleged on Historic 25th Street

NEXT Ensemble performs at Alleged on Historic 25th Street

Exploring Ogden's Trails and Recreation!

Hello, Friends!

The trails in Ogden are often the best place to enjoy, not only the beautiful weather we have, our incredible views, and our world-class hiking and mountain biking, but also the people you meet. 

Pictured in this photo, taken just above 12th street, is much of Municipal Ward 3. This area of Ogden is the gateway to many of Ogden's amazing trailheads! From Birdsong to Bonneville and Indian to Waterfall Canyon. Each trail is unique and beautiful in its own way. Much like the people of this great city.

To put it simply, I am a recreational enthusiast who believes that all of Ogden's people should have equal access to our beautiful trails and recreational opportunities for years to come. This includes; 1. Strengthening and expanding upon partnerships with nonprofit organizations, such as Weber Pathways, community influencers, and other stakeholders to maintain, promote and build Ogden's expansive trails network. 2. Encouraging physical and recreational activities in our communities. And finally, 3. Create walkable communities that are safe, consistent, and accessible. 


Want to get involved? 
Click here!


Looking out across Ward 3 with my pup, Ted. 

Looking out across Ward 3 with my pup, Ted. 

Allright, so we're doing this!

Hello, Friends and Family!

As you may already know, I have made the decision to run for Ogden City Council to represent Municipal Ward 3. This decision did not come lightly! As you can imagine, running for City Council, especially for a City of this size, is not an easy task. After discussing this potential opportunity with Sean, my friends and family, and members of the community, I decided to file my official candidacy.

Why Am I Running?   

Our world is currently experiencing an increase in divisiveness, a problem that invades countries, states, and even the city of Ogden. This divisiveness can only be contested through the loving hearts and minds of individuals, like yourself.

As a young emerging leader in Ogden, I have seen first hand the power of unity and togetherness. I believe that great things happen when people come together to create. Whether that be the current development and exploration of a Creative District in Downtown Ogden, bringing artists and community members together to envision a thriving Arts Corridor, or the newly formed Diversity Commission (for which I am currently serving as a Commissioner) which strives to represent and include all of our diverse communities within Ogden. The power of community should never be underestimated. 

I have chosen the campaign motto of "You _____ in Ogden." If I know one thing about this community, it is its independence and vigor. As a Commissioner for the Ogden Diversity Commission, I personally believe "You BELONG in Ogden." Mickey Larson, a mother of two, a fierce leader within our Arts Community, and a small business owner believes "You INVEST in Ogden."

Whatever your beliefs, I want all individuals and families in our community to state with confidence that, "You BELIEVE in Ogden."

How Can You Help Me?

Running a municipal race is, by far, the least expensive political endeavor. My campaign will require about $5,000 in order to compete with the current incumbent and about $10,000 if the race requires a primary election.

If you have the means, please consider donating to my campaign to help me create an Ogden that represents the underrepresented.


If you can’t donate, but still wish to be involved, please fill out the form below.


Every dollar and every hour of involvement will help this campaign! I love and appreciate all your support and I look forward to sharing my vision for Ogden with you soon.


Filing my official "Declaration of Candidacy" paperwork at the Ogden City Municipal Building. 06/05/17

Filing my official "Declaration of Candidacy" paperwork at the Ogden City Municipal Building. 06/05/17